Since I watched the first Starcraft Cinematics back in a day I set as my goal to one day be part of this amazing company. I produced a personal piece and ended up getting hired as a Cinematic Modeler in 2003. I grew so much as an artist since I was surrounded by extremely talented people and I was fortunate to work there for almost 10 years. This is some of the work I contribute to while I was there. It’s very important to stress how much of all Blizzard’s work is done in a collaborative so everything you see here is the result of this great environment:

Starcraft II- Wings of Liberty

Since I watched the first Starcraft Cinematic Trailer I felt in love with the Space Marine suit design. When I worked on Starcraft II, I had the honor to help design and model the suit that you see in the Teaser trailer and on the subsequent Cinematics. Joe Peterson was the artist that did the main concept, Jeremiah Johnson modeled the Marine body and Nick Carpenter art directed the whole process.

I also was very involved in creating the overall mechanics of the suit being assembled together. It was a dream come true to be able to work on such a fun sequence and have a lot of freedom to come up with designs and quick animations of how the parts would fit together. The Drills, Mechanical Arms and the Room itself were modeled by a team of very talented modelers and many people were involved in designing the surfacing and textures. The Lighting DP was developed by Jonathan Berube and Nick Carpenter, being implemented in production by a brilliant composting team for all for these shots.



During my time at Blizzard I was also part of many other projects like World of Warcraft Cinematics and Diablo III Cinematics. You can see most of the work done by the very talented team from Blizzard Cinematics here: