I got contacted by the owner of Bandito VFX Steven Gomez in July of 2013. He was looking for an artist to help design the main robots for his upcoming movie called Kill Command, which it was his first project as a film director. The process was amazing and Steven is a very inspiring and creative person, so the result of our collaboration is what you see on the screens and in this gallery. You can see the trailer here:


The main inspiration was DARPA and Boston Dynamics robots which show a lot of  exposed mechanics, rotors and frame structures. Steve was also very interested in having 3d designs since he could turn those to his VFX team to generate the final assets. 


The Multi-Arm design was the first assignment I got. The director requested a robot with multiple limbs and had a very impotent and scary presence. The image below is the final result after all the iterations. 


After a intense design exploration and reviews we got to these results:


I had to do many passes on the Multi-Arm design before getting closer to the final result. You can see below the design progression:


                                                                                                      Multiple Head designs trying the longer skull look


After the Multi-Arm I jumped on the design of the Gunner robot, which is essentially a high-power rifle mounted on four legs. The spider look is something Steve was after so after some exploration we got to the result below. After that, Bandito VFX did the modifications necessary to get a taller robot with move freedom of movement.


I did a couple versions before getting to a more "spider-like" design, so you can see the progression here: