I had the honor to work on one of the most iconic character of the movie history. The reboot of Robocop was my first work experience in the movie business and it could not have been better. The team involved was very talented and I had the chance to work on some extremely fun mechanical designs! all the work I’m presenting has were produced under the direction of Jose Padilha, Production Design of Martin Whist and Art Direction of David Scott.



I was tasked to continue the design Eddie Yang established on the exploration process and refine all the details of the RC001, which was heavily based on the Robocop Classic look.


After Eddie Yang fleshed out the design of RC002, I was tasked with taking the design further in the same way I did with the RC001 suit. The RC002 was an intermediate design between the classic RC001 and the Matte black version that Vitaly Bulgarov and Eddie Yang worked on. The suit was supposed to me more military looking, which is a very interesting spin for a Robocop design. The design was later dropped from the script but I still enjoyed working on it.


Similar to the RC001 and RC002, I started with the base that Eddie Yang provided and refined and modified where needed. The EM208  Storage Case was done after the whole body design was finished.


This is Robocop’s station for his blood filtering process and used as a general dock station. The Assembly was first worked out by Igor Knezevic, and I had the challenge to detail up and modify where needed to allow the disassemble sequence to take place. The Brain and Lungs was an exciting challenge since I had to integrate organic and mechanical parts in a realistic way.


On the beginning of the movie, we see how the technology is allowing people to have normal lives after major accidents using prosthetic robotic limbs. This scene was probably my favorite one in the whole movie and I was very fortunate to be able to design the Mechanical Prosthetic Hand.


The Aerial Drone is a fast and vicious machine and able to maneuver through the enemy sky and attack with great precision. With these parameters in mind, I tried to create a design that represents a menacing and grounded design.


EB 207 was one of the first attempts Omnicorp had on building a multi-purpose robotic unit. He can be seen standing in Raymond Sellars’ office as a showcase piece. I tried to reverse engineer EM208 to make this version a bit older and feel less advanced.

The DaVinci robot is a homage to Leanardo DaVinci’s drawing of a robotic unit. This prop was also built as a showcase piece in Raymond Sellars’ office.


Robocop went under heavy fire so I was tasked with visualizing the stages of damage caused by multiple calibers, including ED-209 guns. I used the great design Vitaly Bulgarov did as a base and painted over as needed.


The Police cars were very iconic on the Classic 1980′s Robocop movie, so it was important to have the cars in this new movie. I worked on several iterations using the Range Rover Evoque, Ford Taurus and many others to come up with the new Detroit Police Car designs.