I have always been a big fan of the Transformers franchise and I had a great opportunity to work on Transformers 4- Age of Extinction under the direction of Michael Bay, Production Design of Jeffrey Beecroft and Art Direction of Ben Procter. I worked with many extremely talented artists such as Vitaly Bulgarov, John J. Park, Steven Messing, Steve Jung, James Clyne, Wesley Burt, Josh Nizzi, Patrick Faulwetter, Steve Burg, Robert Simons, Paul Ozzimo and many others!


I did a few creature designs on this project like the alien hand that shows up on the very beginning of the movie and the Four-Legged alien that is inside a cage.


I helped to create the design of the ship of Lockdown, the main villain of TF4 designed by Vitaly Bulgarov. I worked in many areas of the ship that are shown in the movie like the main corridors and specific rooms. Steve Jung and Vitaly worked in different parts of the ship and James Clyne came up with the original exterior design. I would like to give big props to Industrial Light and Magic that made the whole sequence very impressive, bringing our design work to the next level.

The outside structure of the ship had support buttresses, which was originally design by James Paick:

The Lockdown Cockpit was originally designed by Steve Jung and I had to do a 3d version so we could figure out all the angles:


When Optimus is captured, he is locked inside a cell, hooked upside down:


The "Torch" was a prop featured inside the Lockdown ship. I was responsible to generate a detailed design based on another great concept by James Paick.


Inside Lockdown Ship exists a swarm of little working robots. I worked for quite a bit of time developing the overall look of the bots and their overall functionality.


Lockdown had a couple of very aggressive hunting dogs. I worked on many iterations before getting to something that the director and Production Designer were happy with. Here is the progress of the design until its more final version:


I had to develop quite a few props to be 3d printed or built by the set designers. They were also used as a base for ILM to use in VFX.


I worked on the design of Hound Truck mode, based on the overall language that Paul Ozzimo created for the character. Part of the idea was to have the option to reveal the weapons while Hound was in truck mode. The final version with three axis was done by Paul Ozzimo.